Mural Tríptico, Sin Título de Francisco Navarro, 1954

Triptych mural, untitled (1954) by Francisco Navarro (1923 - 1985). Located at the University City of Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry done by Erika Della Giacoma and Hiram Vergani. Dimensions: a) 293 x 533.5cm b) 295 x 853cm c) 295 x 693cm. This piece is a part of the collection “Synthesis of the Arts” at the University City of Caracas, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, designed by the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva.

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Plaza Cubierta del Rectorado, Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas. Los Chaguaramos
Calle Interna, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Distrito Capital, Municipio Libertador

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