La Conversación
Located at the Paseo de la Lectura of the Albarregas…
Temple Of Bel (I) (with 3D annotations)
The Temple of Bel (Arabic: معبد بل‎‎), was an ancient…
Monumento a José Antonio Páez en Plaza Páez, Barinas
This bronze sculpture was created by an unknown artist…
United States Spacesuit (Lunar Mode)
Photogrammetry of a USA spacesuit replica from the…
Icelandic Rock Spire
This was shot with a converted Canon dedicated to…
Shah Mosque (Isfahan)
This Is the Iwan entrance to the The Shah Mosque in…


Objets d'art
(11 Records) Monuments, Period Dress
On the Ground / Emergency Archiving
(2 Records) Sixth Street Bridge - Los Angeles
(10 Records) Palmyra, Shah Mosque of Isfahan
(20 Records) Apollo 11, Cemeteries, Train 2141, Ghiberti Doors
(5 Records) US Naval Undersea Museum
(45 Records) Iceland, Utah, Organica

Cultural Heritage of Venezuela
(208 Records) Caracas, San Rafael de Mucuchíes and El Tisure, San Francisco de Yare, Coro, Mérida, Maracaibo, Other Locations
Cultural Heritage of Syria
(8 Records) Palmyra, Dead Cities, Ma'ara, Krak des Chevaliers
Cultural Heritage and Environments of Iceland
(37 Records) Glaciers, Geothermal Locations, Caves