Humberto Tejera (Version 1) (360 Sphere)

This is a monument to the poet, writer, essayist, lawyer, journalist and university professor Vincente José Humberto Tejera Hernandez-Bello (1890 - 1971), better known as Humberto Tejera. His prolific works include Los Gomez and the judiciary in Venezuela (Panama, 1919), Twelve years Rehabilitation (Mexico, 1920), Tree singing (Mexico, 1921), L woman snow (Mexico, 1922) Quezalcoatl (Mexico, 1924), Aires saws (Mexico, 1958), Cultores and shapers of Mexico (Mexico, 1929) and Five White Eagles (Mexico, 1932).

This 1982 bronze work is the second of two seated statues by artist Manuel Fuente Muñoz (1932 - 2010) built in the city of Merida, which is part of the Cultural Heritage of the Libertador municipality (2004) and published in the Catalog of Venezuela's cultural heritage, chapter Libertador municipality of Merida state.

The statue shows corrosion and oxidation spots in some parts and generalized dirt. There is fragmentation in the groin and a small perforation in the upper part of the right leg. The back of the sculpture has been vandalized with white paint and graffiti. There are gray-white spots and plaque on the face and the rest of the body due to weather exposure and the concrete wall has stone shedding on all sides. Photographic record made in Mérida, Venezuela by Marinela Araque Rivero and Samuel Leonardo Hurtado Camargo, on November 20, 2017.

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