Raúl Chuecos Picón

This monument is a tribute to the consecrated poet and writer Raúl Chuecos Picón from Mérida, Venezuela. The bust of is part of the heritage bequeathed by artist Manuel de la Fuente Muñoz which can be found throughout the city. Regulo Burelli Rivas considered Picón as "one of the most genuine of the highest lyricists in Venezuela of his generation" whose creations Were compiled in the posthumous work Entitled Humu (1951). Picón also was distinguished for his work as a journalist in the region, being the founder of the newspapers Essays (1917), Alchemy (1919), Juan Rodriguez Suárez (1924) and the Time (1936).

Photo registry by Marinela Araque Rivero and Samuel Leonardo Hurtado Camargo in November 2017.

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