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Located at the Paseo de la Lectura of the Albarregas Metropolitan Park in the city of Mérida, this monument to Tulio Febres Cordero and Gabriel García Márquez is a sculptural group of two human-size bronze statues on a classic iron bench. The dialogue between writers Tulio Febres Cordero and García Márquez symbolizes the brotherhood of Colombia and Venezuela and represents the close historical ties of the city of Mérida with other Colombian cities.

In June 2017, the torso of the statue of Tulio Febres Cordero was stolen from the Albarregas promenade in Mérida. The piece was located by state police on April 10, 2018 when it was mistaken for a dead person in some water pipes. To this day the piece remains in a regional dependency. This archival 3D solve records the monument after the statue was stolen.

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Paseo de la Lectura of the Albarregas Metropolitan Park
Las Américas Avenue

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