Gruta Virgen del Carmen y Fachada Escuela Maria May

This school opened in 1961 as El Hatillo Pre-K Institute. In 1962, the school became an Elementary School and changed its name to Maria May School, honoring Maria May (1882-1971), a beloved school teacher remembered by the oldest members of the community.

The school building is of concrete construction, with an adobe facade. It is painted in blue on the top and white on the bottom. It has a roof of concrete and the floors are on polished concrete. The school has a main office, six classrooms, a library, computer lab, and exercise court. It has two courtyards.

This school is one of the nine urban symbols chosen by El Calvario community for the project Symbolic Archeology of El Calvario Town. The school is at Paseo María May (Maria May Way), El Calvario. El Hatillo Municipality, Miranda State, Venezuela.

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El Calvario Town
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