La Cultura (Escultura) Plaza del Rectorado

This massive bronze sculpture highlights the Rectorate Square of the Central University of Venezuela. Called La Cultura or Estatua en Bronce, measures 180 cm high by 174 cm wide and 94 cm deep, and is part of the collection of 108 pieces of the Synthesis of the Arts at The Central University of Venezuela. The sculpture, made in 1953 in Pistoia, Italy, resembles a human body, but at the same time can be an abstract volume that expands in space. Between 1948 and 1956 Villanueva asked international and Venezuelan artists, including Narváez, for a series of works of art to create a dialogue between the spectator, art and architecture within the university campus. The master sculptor (1905-1982) contributed this piece among 10 other works. La Cultura located originally on the terrace of the 12th floor of the Central Library of the University City and was moved to a garden between the Institute of Experimental Medicine and the Anatomical Institute. Since 1984 has been located on Rectorate Square.

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Plaza del Rectorado, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Calle Interna Universidad Central de Venezuela
Distrito Capital

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