Sin Titulo, Mural de Armando Barrios (Mural 1), Estadio Olimpico

The mural print is a chromatic variety to the exterior of the UCV Olympic Stadium. It was created in 1951 at the request of the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva for his project "Síntesis de las Artes Mayores" (Art Synthesis) at Central University of Venezuela, a collective of 108 works of art that dialogues with the architecture, a world heritage site since 2000. Barrios created this piece with industrial glass mosaic tiles. With colors violet, yellow, black, gray and white the artist created this work of refined balance and determined forms that corresponds to the abstract-geometric period, a brief bridge between his initial search in the schools of impressionism and cubism and the figurative art that he embraced in 1954. The piece presents discoloration and a detachment of mosaics.

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Universidad Central de Venezuela
Calle Interna Universidad Central de Venezuela
Distrito Capital

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