Pequeña Cruz en Plaza La Cruz (Caracas)

Since the 1970's this wooden cross names the square where is located, Plaza La Cruz. The square is the place for social gatherings in El Calvario. Mr. Santos, a Colombian carpenter neighbor, crafted the cross. Before leaving Venezuela, Mr. Santos gave the cross as a donation to Mr. Bernardino Cisneros, who is one of the founders of El Calvario, and back then, a community leader.

Cisneros decided to set the cross at this place, as a symbol of the May's Cross, a Venezuelan and Hispanic tradition. By then, the government refurbished the square.

The cross is made of solid wood. The vertical piece of the cross is 1.30 meters (51.1 inches) and the crossbar is 1.10 meters (43.3 inches). It is protected by a niche made on adobe and painted in white. The floor is made of tiles and the cross has a base decorated with river stones and broken tiles. The niche is part of a neighboring house’s wall.

The cross is one of nine urban symbols chosen by the El Calvario community for the project Symbolic Archeology of El Calvario Town. It is located at El Calvario St, The Cross Sector, El Hatillo Municipality, Miranda State.

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El Calvario Town
El Hatillo Municipality
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