Control Room Equipment and Consoles from Nuclear-Powered Submersible NR-1

NR-1 control room equipment and consoles in the collection of the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum. From left to right, the control panels shown are the deep submergence/obstacle avoidance sonar, sonar display and ship control, ballast and auxiliary control, ship control display, heading and speed display, camera status display, intercom and communications, and AN/UYK-44 computer. NR-1 was the U.S. Navy’s first and only nuclear-powered submersible, equipped with a miniature reactor that allowed her crew to remain submerged for up to 30 days at a time. During her 39-year career, NR-1 performed missions such as searches, recoveries, oceanographic research, geological surveys, and installation/maintenance of underwater equipment. Highlights include finding and recovering a lost missile from the ocean floor in 1976 and investigating the remains of Civil War ironclad USS Monitor in 2002.

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