Bust of Emperor Commodus (Array)
Roman Emperor Commodus, or Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, was emperor from 177-192.…

Siluetas en Relieve (Array)
Siluetas en relieve (1956) by Jean Arp (1886 - 1966). Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela.…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Carlos Gonzalez Bogen (Mural 1), Estadio Olimpico (Array)
Carlos Gonzalez Bogen mural in ceramic tiles. The composition has rectangles in yellow, gray, and black…

Mesa de Arrimo (Array)
Description Pending

Pastor de Nubes o Formas de Lutin (Array)
Pastor de Nubes o Formas de Lutin (Pastor of Clouds or Forms of Lutin);"Pastor de Nubes o Formas de…

Icelandic Glacier (X) (-)
Description Pending

Temple of Bel (III) (Array)
The Temple of Bel (Arabic: معبد بل‎‎), was an ancient temple located in Palmyra, Syria. The temple,…

Nicho Para Niño Jesús (Array)
Wood carved, sgraffito and gilded. The piece has a parallelepiped shape, on 4 carved legs. Four faces…