Icelandic Glacier (VIII) (ground level)
Photogrammetry solve of glacier area ground level in Iceland shot in September 2015.

Icelandic Glacier (I) (ground level)
Photogrammetry of a section of a glacier in Iceland

Icelandic Cave (I) (exterior)
Exterior of a cave in Iceland, near Snaefellsjokull

Icelandic Lichen Volcanic Field
Photogrammetry capture of Lichen volcanic fields in Iceland

Icelandic Rock Spire
This was shot with a converted Canon dedicated to infrared.

Viking Head Sculpture
This is photogrammetry of the giant stone head in front of the “Viking World” museum in Iceland. This 2013 commission was by artist Jón Adolf Steinólfsson. It was planned to be part of the stone giant as depicted in the Icelandic coat of arms. The original…

Icelandic Landscape (VI)
Description Pending

Icelandic Rocks (II)
Description Pending

Icelandic Geothermal Landscape (I) (detail)
Photogrammetry of Iceland Geothermal ground detail

Mývatn Lake Landscape
Drone Photogrammetry next to Lake Mývatn in Iceland