Small oratory about 6 m wide by 4 m deep and 5 m high, with a sloping wooden roof from which hangs an antique lamp. It contains sacred pieces and 18th century furniture. It has an elaborate polychromatic altarpiece and friar armchairs of the Colonial era.

Baulito (II)
The box has an arched lid and circular lock with openwork; on the edges there is a graphic in waves, similar to a lace. This type of piece was used to store jewelry and other accessories. The importance of this object lies in its artistic and referential value…

Placa de Sagrario
This tabernacle plate depicts the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) surrounded by beam lights, with a banner that bears the inscription: "ECCE AGNUS DEI".

Silla de Bazos (III)
Owned by the Valencian hero Dr. Miguel Peña (1781-1833). Donated to the Colonial Art Museum of Caracas at Quinta de Anauco, Venezuela in 1978.

Virgen Immaculada Concepción
Pavilo hair, glued and plastered fabric, Church of Caraballeda. Crown of Francisco Landaeta, piece of gilded silver and doublets. It was the titular image of the church of Caraballeda acquired in 1952. Figure in the Expo of the MBA in 1956. Donation Carlo…

Tarro de Tabaco (Version 2)
White Pottery with metal lid and decorative flowers, vegetable, geometric and scroll work blue decorations. In the center is written "FARINAS".

Garden and Fountain - Quinta de Anauco
Façade of the Quinta de Anauco with tile roof and garden typical of a colonial country house. It reflects the simplicity and elegance of Venezuelan architecture in the Hispanic period.

Coco Chocolatero con Escena Mitológica (Version 2) (with cameras)
Arc/k Photogrammetry Training Materials Coco Chocolatera at Quinta de Anauco (1797). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Luis Chacín in April 2018.

San Francisco de Asis
San Francisco de Asís. Unknown artist (late 18th century). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Manuel Ochoa in April 2018.