Tomb of Philippe Le Royer
Philippe Le Royer Born in Geneva to French parents, he studied law in Paris, was registered to the bars of Paris, Lyon and Chalons-sur-Saône as a lawyer. He was general counsel and Lyon quelled the riots that followed the War of 1870 in the city. That same…

Tomb of Lagarde Gueret
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Tomb of Victor Noir
Victor Noir, a political journalist who was shot in a duel by Prince Pierre Bonaparte in 1870, became a symbol of the imperial injustice and a martyr for the Republic. More than one hundred thousand people came to his funeral, where frenetic weeping was mixed…

Tomb of Victor Schœlcher
Victor Schœlcher was a French abolitionist writer in the 19th century and the main spokesman for a group from Paris who worked for the abolition of slavery, and formed an abolition society in 1834