Icelandic Riverbed
Drone photogrammetry of a glacier section in Iceland. Shot with a Canon 5Ds

Icelandic Landscape (I)
Description Pending

Icelandic Glacier (IX)
Description Pending

Icelandic Glacier (I) (ground level)
Photogrammetry of a section of a glacier in Iceland

Icelandic Glacier (VIII) (ground level)
Photogrammetry solve of glacier area ground level in Iceland shot in September 2015.

Icelandic Cave (I) (exterior)
Exterior of a cave in Iceland, near Snaefellsjokull

Icelandic Cave (II) (interior)
Inside a cave in Iceland, near Snaefellsjökull. Photogrammetry solve.

Icelandic Glacier (IV)
Description Pending