Sin Titulo, Mural de Armando Barrios, Plaza del Rectorado
At 108 inches (9 foot) high by 800 inches (66.6 foot) wide, this untitled work is the largest of the three murals of the abstract-geometric period of the painter Armando Barrios (1920 - 1999). The piece was created in 1953 at the request of the architect Carlos…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Wifredo Lam, Jardín Botánico
Wifredo Lam. Over a pale green background, a vegetable pattern with flowers, vines and leaves, on yellow, black, red, light green and white organic lines.

Escultura Juan Manuel Cajigal
Description Pending

Fuente Alameda Club Bolivar
Description Pending

Monumento a José Antonio Páez (Plaza Páez, Barinas) (High Resolution)
This bronze sculpture was created by an unknown artist as a replacement for the previous sculpture made of marble, by the Italian sculptor Emilio Gariboldi. The original bust was commissioned to Gariboldi in 1925 for a town square in Barinas City to commemorate…

La Cultura (Escultura) Plaza del Rectorado
This massive bronze sculpture highlights the Rectorate Square of the Central University of Venezuela. Called La Cultura or Estatua en Bronce, measures 180 cm high by 174 cm wide and 94 cm deep, and is part of the collection of 108 pieces of the Synthesis of…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Osvaldo Vigas, Rectorado (Pared Interna)
Osvaldo Vigas. "Un Elemento-Personaje Vertical en Evolución Horizontal" (An Element-Vertical Persona in Horizontal Evolution), it is a mural in ceramic tiles, clay and stone, located in the Rectorado Building.

Humberto Tejera (Version 3) (with cameras)
This is a monument to the poet, writer, essayist, lawyer, journalist and university professor Vincente José Humberto Tejera Hernandez-Bello (1890-1971), better known as Humberto Tejera. His prolific works include Los Gomez and the judiciary in Venezuela (Panama,…

La Mano del Surco (with cameras)
“La Mano del Surco” (1980) by Daniel Herrera (1948-2004). Located at the House of Culture in Maracay, Venezuela. Photo registry by Frank Araujo and Ysrael Gómez on 01/04/2018.

Manuel Mujica Millán
Bust of the architect Manuel Mujica Millán (1982) by Raúl Sanchez is located in the municipality of Libertador in Mérida, Venezuela. The bust suffers from generalized oxidation, dirt and exhibits signs of vandalism. The face is marked with black spots down…