Raúl Chuecos Picón
This monument is a tribute to the consecrated poet and writer Raúl Chuecos Picón from Mérida, Venezuela. The bust of is part of the heritage bequeathed by artist Manuel de la Fuente Muñoz which can be found throughout the city. Regulo Burelli Rivas considered…

La Conversación
Located at the Paseo de la Lectura of the Albarregas Metropolitan Park in the city of Mérida, this monument to Tulio Febres Cordero and Gabriel García Márquez is a sculptural group of two human-size bronze statues on a classic iron bench. The dialogue between…

Monumento a Cristóbal Rojas
This monument to the painter Cristóbal Rojas (1858 - 1890) is at the front of the Cristóbal Rojas School of Plastic Arts, founded in 1959 at Barinas, the capital of the Barinas State in the western plains of Venezuela. The commemorative artwork consists of…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Omar Carreño, 1954, Auditorio Facultad de Odontología
This model is a work in progress. Image donations to help complete this model can be made at https://digital-content-donation.arck-project.org/ Auditorium Faculty of Dentistry, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Omar Carreño. Mural with black and red vertical…

El Canónigo Uzcátegui (Francisco Antonio Uzcátegui)
Francisco Antonio Uzcátegui (1915) (unknown artist). Located on Urdaneta Avenua at the former headquarters of Colonia Hogar Simón Bolívar, currently at the Merideña de Salud Corporation. Photo registry by Marinela Araque Rivero and Samuel Leonardo Hurtado…

Mural de El Cacao
Painted Cocoa Mural on the façade of a house in El Calvario neighborhood. The owner asked for a mural related to cocoa because it is a product he works with.

Mural, Pasillo Externo, Facultad de Arquitectura
Mural by Alejandro Otero, horizontal black and white stripes, composed of tiles.

Sin Titulo, Mural de Carlos Gonzalez Bogen (Mural 1), Estadio Olimpico
Carlos Gonzalez Bogen mural in ceramic tiles. The composition has rectangles in yellow, gray, and black over a white surface. It is located on the soccer stadium.

Sin Titulo, Fachada de Mateo Manaure, Facultad de Ciencias
Mateo Manaure. Mural with geometrical shapes like gears on relief, with white and shades of gray over a black background.

Sin Titulo, Mural de Alejandro Otero, Auditorio Facultad de Ingenieria
Alejandro Otero. Blue, red, black, and yellow vertical stripes over a dark grey background.