Monumento a Los Caídos de la Generación del 28
Bronze monument to commemorate the Generation of 1928, a group of Venezuelan students who took to the streets to protest against Dictator Juan Vicente Gomez. Inscription: “To the Memory of the Disappeared Members of the Generation of 1928 - The Central University…

Mural, Piso 12, Dirección de Mantenimiento
Alirio Oramas. "Variación en 36 colores" (36 Colors Variation). Three squares made by 36 squares with different colors.

Estatua de José María Vargas
Standing statue of Dr. Jose María Vargas (1786-1854), the first civil president of Venezuela. He is portrayed with his right hand under his coat, and his left hand holding a book with the word "Sculapio" written on its cover. As a physician and man of science,…

Pequeña Cruz en Plaza La Cruz (Caracas)
Since the 1970's this wooden cross names the square where is located, Plaza La Cruz. The square is the place for social gatherings in El Calvario. Mr. Santos, a Colombian carpenter neighbor, crafted the cross. Before leaving Venezuela, Mr. Santos gave the…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Armando Barrios, Plaza del Rectorado
At 108 inches (9 foot) high by 800 inches (66.6 foot) wide, this untitled work is the largest of the three murals of the abstract-geometric period of the painter Armando Barrios (1920 - 1999). The piece was created in 1953 at the request of the architect Carlos…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Wifredo Lam, Jardín Botánico
Wifredo Lam. Over a pale green background, a vegetable pattern with flowers, vines and leaves, on yellow, black, red, light green and white organic lines.

Escultura Juan Manuel Cajigal
Description Pending

La Cultura (Escultura) Plaza del Rectorado
This massive bronze sculpture highlights the Rectorate Square of the Central University of Venezuela. Called La Cultura or Estatua en Bronce, measures 180 cm high by 174 cm wide and 94 cm deep, and is part of the collection of 108 pieces of the Synthesis of…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Osvaldo Vigas, Rectorado (Pared Interna)
Osvaldo Vigas. "Un Elemento-Personaje Vertical en Evolución Horizontal" (An Element-Vertical Persona in Horizontal Evolution), it is a mural in ceramic tiles, clay and stone, located in the Rectorado Building.