Berlin Wall Segment - The Wall Along Wilshire
The Wall Along Wilshire features ten sections of the original Berlin Wall. Measuring nearly forty feet wide, it is the world longest stretch of the Wall outside of Germany. The Wall Along Wilshire was assembled in 2009 as a component of The Wall Project, the…

Sin Titulo, Mural Curvo de Mateo Manaure, 1954 (I)
Mural Curvo (1954) by Mateo Manaure. Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry done by Jennifer Calatrava and Gustavo Lagarde in February 2018. This piece is a part of the collection “Synthesis of the Arts" at the University City…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Mateo Manaure, Estadio Universitario
Mateo Manaure. Straight and curved lines in black yellow and green, with three circle-shaped figures on purple, orange and yellow on a white background.

Sin Titulo, Mural de Carlos Gonzalez Bogen (Mural 2), Estadio Olimpico
Carlos Gonzalez Bogen. Triangles blue, black and yellow on a grey background.

Sin Titulo, Mural de Armando Barrios (Mural 1), Estadio Olimpico
The mural print is a chromatic variety to the exterior of the UCV Olympic Stadium. It was created in 1951 at the request of the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva for his project "Síntesis de las Artes Mayores" (Art Synthesis) at Central University of Venezuela,…

Sin Titulo. Mural de Armando Barrios (Mural 2), Estadio Olimpico
Armando Barrios Mural (1920-1999) located on the outside of the covered grandstand of the Olympic Stadium of the Central University of Venezuela, is the third mural from south to north. It was made with industrial glass mosaic tiles, designed at the request…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Osvaldo Vigas, Rectorado (Pared Interna)
Osvaldo Vigas. "Un Elemento-Personaje Vertical en Evolución Horizontal" (An Element-Vertical Persona in Horizontal Evolution), it is a mural in ceramic tiles, clay and stone, located in the Rectorado Building.

Mural, Piso 12, Dirección de Mantenimiento
Alirio Oramas. "Variación en 36 colores" (36 Colors Variation). Three squares made by 36 squares with different colors.

Jose de Diego Middle School with Murals (Miami, Florida)
WORK IN PROGRESS: note: this is an initial 3D model. Location: Jose de Diego Middle School, Wynwood, Miami. All murals were part of The Raw Project.