Abstract Wood Sculpture
Abstract Wood Sculpture (year unknown) by Francisco Narváez. Located at the Collection FMN (Fundación Museos Nacionales), custody of GAN (Galería de Arte Nacional) in Caracas, Venezuela. Dimensions: 100 x 145 x 99 cm. Photo registry by Luis Chacín in August…

Amphion, 1953
Amphion (1953) by Henri Laurens (1885-1954). Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry done by Rafael Enrique Rodri­guez y Daniel Patiño. This piece is a part of the collection "Synthesis of the Arts" at the University City of Caracas,…

Brass Artifact
Photogrammetry of a brass artifact

Bust of Emperor Commodus
Roman Emperor Commodus, or Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, was emperor from 177-192. His brutal misrule precipitated civil strife that ended 84 years of stability and prosperity within the empire.

Busto de Andrés Bello
Andrés Bello (1781-1865), jurist, philologist and Venezuelan patriot.