La Conversación
Located at the Paseo de la Lectura of the Albarregas Metropolitan Park in the city of Mérida, this monument to Tulio Febres Cordero and Gabriel García Márquez is a sculptural group of two human-size bronze statues on a classic iron bench. The dialogue between…

Nuestra Señora del Tránsito
Nuestra Señora del Transito by José Francisco Rodríguez (late 18th century). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Daniel Santos in April 2018.

Johnny Ramone Memorial (I)
John William Cummings, known professionally as Johnny Ramone, was an American guitarist and songwriter, best known for being the lead guitarist for the punk rock band the Ramones.

Humberto Tejera (Version 2)
This is a monument to the poet, writer, essayist, lawyer, journalist and university professor Vincente José Humberto Tejera Hernandez-Bello (1890 - 1971), better known as Humberto Tejera. His prolific works include Los Gomez and the judiciary in Venezuela…

Negra Hipólita Statue (1996)
Negra Hipólita by Alexis Mujica (1996). Located at the Collection FMN (Fundación Museos Nacionales), custody of GAN (Galería de Arte Nacional) in Caracas,Venezuela. Dimensions: 165 x 70 x 70 cm. Photo registry done by Luis Chacín in August, 2017.

Sleeping Hermaphroditus
In 1619, Cardinal Scipione Borghese commissioned the Baroque Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini to sculpt the mattress under the marble figure. This work is a Roman copy that was probably inspired by a Greek original of the 2nd century BC. This statue is…

Niño Jesús de una Virgen de La Candelaria
Niño Jesús, artist unknown (late 18th century). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Consuelo Andara in April 2018.

Escultura de Rodrigo de Bastidas y Rodriguez de Romera
Bronze statue of Don Rodrigo de Bastidas, first bishop of Coros, Venezuela in 1531 and interim governor of the Province of Venezuela from 1540-1542. Son of Conquistador Rodrigo de Bastidas.

Escultura Juan Pablo Rojas Paúl
Juan Pablo Rojas Paul (26 November 1826 – 22 July 1905) was Venezuela's first civilian president in 50 years that was chosen via constitutional process. Serving from 2 July 1888 – 19 March 1890 he was the last president to complete their full term for the…