Mortar & Pestle
The bowl-shaped object is called a mortar, which was used in food production and medicines for crushing dried roots, berries, meats, and fish. The ‘masher’ is a pestle which was used for crushing. These items were often used in preparation of medicines.

Fishing Spear
These fishing spears were crafted to a wooden shaft. Fish were speared either from a canoe or by standing in the water. They were also used as fish fences and wires where large quantities of fish were harvested.

Wooden Digging Stick
This is a wooden digging stick that was made by Secwepemc elder Dr. Mary Thomas for the museum. This stick was fire hardened to make it stronger.

Antler Digging Stick Handle
Antler digging stick handles were used to dig roots that were used for food, medicine, and technology. A stick of fire hardened chokecherry, saskatoon, or hawthorn would be inserted through the perforation, and was the main part of the tool. This digging stick…