Atmospheric Diving Suit (JIM Suit)
JIM suit in the collection of the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum. An atmospheric diving suit (ADS) maintains surface pressure internally, protecting a diver from underwater pressure and eliminating the need for decompression. Treasure hunters developed early atmospheric…

Atmospheric Diving System 2000
WORK IN PROGRESS Note: This is an initial 3D model that has not undergone post-processing work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the model contains small inaccuracies: some geometry/components are distorted, blurred, or incomplete, and the acrylic vision…

Carved wood lectern with vegetable, geometric and scroll work decorations.

Aureola para Santo Pequeño
A circular piece in openwork metal which is chiseled and embossed. In the center vegetables within a circle around beams joined by a wavy hoop. This type of object was placed on the head of the wooden sculptures intended to be clothed.

Azulejo de un Pavo (No. b3)
Glazed and painted pottery. It stands out for its colorful look with black borders, typical of Catalan pottery. it is decorated with a turkey in the center and bushes on both sides. The background is gray and blue with three birds on the sky. Back then genre…

Bandeja para Vinajera
Metal tray embossed and hammered. The piece is highlighted by the lobed edges and inside is concave. Decorated with vegetables in relief in the center and edges. This piece is a sample of the aesthetic changes in Europe, which moved to America.

Small trunk, anonymous artist (circa 1820). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Daniel Santos in April 2018.

Baulito (II)
The box has an arched lid and circular lock with openwork; on the edges there is a graphic in waves, similar to a lace. This type of piece was used to store jewelry and other accessories. The importance of this object lies in its artistic and referential value…