Façade and Garden - Quinta de Anauco, Museo de Arte Colonial de Caracas (Section J)
Façade of the Quinta de Anauco with tile roof and garden typical of a colonial country house. It reflects the simplicity and elegance of Venezuelan architecture in the Hispanic period.

Quinta de Anauco, Museo de Arte Colonial (Façades Combined)
Combined façade responds to the exterior corridor, which covers the main entrance of Quinta de Anauco, Colonial house. It reflects the simplicity, elegance, and functionality of Venezuelan civil architecture of…

Tres Sillones Presbiteriales
Three chairs made of carved cedar wood, connected as one piece of furniture. Chairs placed in the presbyteries were a symbol of the hierarchy between clergymen.

Butaque o Ture
Spanish X-Frame chair featuring a wooden butaque with a non-folding base and embossed leather back and seat, attached to the wooden frame with metal rivets.