Pintura de Miranda en La Carraca
Miranda en La Carraca by Arturo Michelena (1896). Located at the Collection FMN (Fundación Museos Nacionales) in Caracas, Venezuela. The subject of the painting, Francisco de Miranda (1750 – July 14, 1816) was a Venezuelan of great historical stature in both…

El Bisonte (1984)
El Bisonte (1984) by Alberto Guédez. Located at the entrance of MAGMA (Museo de Arte Contempraneo Mario Abreu, de Maracay Estado Aragua) in Maracay, Venezuela. Photo registry by Frank Araujo and Ysrael Gomez in February 2018.

Temple of Bel
The Temple of Bel (Arabic: معبد بل‎‎), was an ancient temple located in Palmyra, Syria. The temple, consecrated to the Mesopotamian god Bel, worshiped at Palmyra in triad with the lunar god Aglibol and the sun god Yarhibol, formed the center of religious life…

Silla de Bazos (III)
Owned by the Valencian hero Dr. Miguel Peña (1781-1833). Donated to the Colonial Art Museum of Caracas at Quinta de Anauco, Venezuela in 1978.

Roselia Acostada Tomando Sol
This sculpture by Javier Level, is inspired by his soulmate Roselia, who is a shamanic therapist and the subject of several of Level’s artworks.