Steam Locomotive 2141 (Version 26)
The Kamloops Heritage Railway Society (KHR) is a registered charity under the Societies Act and has a mandate to operate the steam engine 2141, the “Spirit of Kamloops” for the public, on behalf of the City of Kamloops. 2141 is one of a group of 25 engines…

Fuente Interna - Quinta de Anauco, Museo de Arte Colonial de Caracas
Fountain (19th century) located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Douglas Segovia in April 2018.

San Miguel Arcángel (I)
Saint Michael the Archangel sculpture made of carved cedar wood. Full body. The right arm is extended and holds a flaming sword. The hand of the other arm holds a balance scale. The right foot rests on the demon, which face looks to the right. The piece wears…

Benches and Garden - Quinta de Anauco
Side garden of the Quinta de Anauco. As the property was a hacienda house, there are outdoor spaces for gathering. It has concrete benches. The house and gardens are typical of the civil architecture of eighteenth-century Venezuela.