Tumba de Samuel Martínez
Marble tomb with recumbent full-length statue.

Tumba de Héctor Tapia
Tomb of Héctor Tapia (1912). Located at El Carmen Cemetery in Barinas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Marinela Araque Rivero and Samuel Leonardo Hurtado Camargo in April 2018.

Traspasando el Umbral
Traspasando el umbral (1984) by Colette Delozanne. Located in Maracay, Venezuela. Photo registry by Frank Araujo and Ysrael Gómez. Approximate dimensions 160 x 130 x 96 cm.

Textura De Agua de Gregorio Boscan
Artwork made with acrylic on five canvases of different sizes. Gregorio Boscan uses color and textures to bring varied volumes, textures, colors and light from the water. Maracaibo Lake is a geographical reference for many Zulian artists, such as Boscan.

Sin Titulo, Mural de Alejandro Otero, 1954 (II)
Sin Titulo (1954) by Alejandro Otero (1921-1990). Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Xiomara Gonzalez and Felix Leon. This piece is a part of the collection "Synthesis of the Arts" at the University City of Caracas, a UNESCO…

Simon Bolivar Monument (Táchira, Venezuela)
Simon Bolivar monument. Located in the Palace of The Lions, seat of the Legislative Council of the Táchira State in Venezuela. Photo registry by George Castellano.