Aureola para Santo Pequeño
A circular piece in openwork metal which is chiseled and embossed. In the center vegetables within a circle around beams joined by a wavy hoop. This type of object was placed on the head of the wooden sculptures intended to be clothed.

Bodega de Señora Paula
Ms Paula’s Grocery Store This small corner store was founded by Ms. Paula Noriega Deguias, a neighbor from the high area of El Calvario community. Ms. Paula sold in this store groceries, ice cream, snow cones, sodas, and beer, mostly on the weekends and on…

Carlos Zerpa began his Skulls series in New York in 1993. Created with ceramic, jewels, paint, and embedded objects, these skulls are (according to Zerpa) an homage to Mexico.

Capilla El Calvario
The Chapel Santa Rosalia, for years, was the center of religious meeting of the parishioners of El Hatillo until the Santa Rosalia church in Palermo was built. Today, the temple remains closed, it only opens its doors during Holy Week and during the celebration…

Casa del Apostolado, Centro Cultural Pablo VI (Coro, Venezuela)
As the second oldest city in Venezuela, Coro's architecure is one of the only surviving examples of Indigenous, Spanish, and Dutch Mudejar architectural styles in the Caribbean with its distinctive clay structures. It was one of the first colonial cities in…