Brass Artifact
Photogrammetry of a brass artifact

Gates of Paradise (Grace Cathedral)
The cathedral entrance has a large pair of doors, often called the “Ghiberti doors.” They are a copy of the doors of the Florence Baptistery by Lorenzo Ghiberti, also dubbed the “Doors of Paradise.”

Old Testament Children's Doors (Grace Cathedral)
This is a detailed view of the Old Testament Children’s Doors at the entrance to the South Tower of Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal cathedral on Nob Hill, San Francisco. The doors were designed and sculpted by Bruce Moore in 1964. The doors are 12 feet tall…

Portaviáticos (II) (Open)
*** This model is a work in progress *** Description Pending

Armillary Sphere
Demonstration model of the solar system featuring Earth, Moon, and Earth’s seasonal changes - Electric driven. Built by John Emerson Scott in Los Angeles in the 1920’s Technical Stats: Shot with Canon 5DsR 24mm lens. Aperture: f/11. ISO: 100. Shutter speed:…

Reloj de Repisa
This model is a work in progress. Image donations to help complete this model can be made at