Kaiten Type 1 (Version 2)
Type 1 Japanese kaiten in the collection of the Naval History and Heritage Command; photographed while on loan to the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum. Kaiten were manned torpedoes designed and used by Japan during World War II to attack enemy ships. Kaiten inventors…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Omar Carreño, 1954, Auditorio Facultad de Odontología
This model is a work in progress. Image donations to help complete this model can be made at https://digital-content-donation.arck-project.org/ Auditorium Faculty of Dentistry, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Omar Carreño. Mural with black and red vertical…

United States Space Suit (Lunar Boot)
Photogrammetry of a Lunar boot replica from a USA space suit worn during the Apollo 11 mission

The Goddess Sekhmet (Version 6) (with cameras)
Arc/k Photogrammetry Training Materials Notes: Photogrammetry test Krista Benson , 02/27/2018 in studio constant lights 5500 Kelvin iPhone7 Walk Around Method resolution of images for solve: 4032x3024 JPG

Icelandic Cave (II) (interior)
Inside a cave in Iceland, near Snaefellsjökull. Photogrammetry solve.

Brass Artifact
Photogrammetry of a brass artifact

Manuel Mujica Millán
Bust of the architect Manuel Mujica Millán (1982) by Raúl Sanchez is located in the municipality of Libertador in Mérida, Venezuela. The bust suffers from generalized oxidation, dirt and exhibits signs of vandalism. The face is marked with black spots down…

El Canónigo Uzcátegui (Francisco Antonio Uzcátegui)
Francisco Antonio Uzcátegui (1915) (unknown artist). Located on Urdaneta Avenua at the former headquarters of Colonia Hogar Simón Bolívar, currently at the Merideña de Salud Corporation. Photo registry by Marinela Araque Rivero and Samuel Leonardo Hurtado…

La Conversación
Located at the Paseo de la Lectura of the Albarregas Metropolitan Park in the city of Mérida, this monument to Tulio Febres Cordero and Gabriel García Márquez is a sculptural group of two human-size bronze statues on a classic iron bench. The dialogue between…

Raúl Chuecos Picón
This monument is a tribute to the consecrated poet and writer Raúl Chuecos Picón from Mérida, Venezuela. The bust of is part of the heritage bequeathed by artist Manuel de la Fuente Muñoz which can be found throughout the city. Regulo Burelli Rivas considered…

Mural Tríptico, Sin Título de Francisco Navarro, 1954
Triptych mural, untitled (1954) by Francisco Navarro (1923 - 1985). Located at the University City of Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry done by Erika Della Giacoma and Hiram Vergani. Dimensions: a) 293 x 533.5cm b) 295 x 853cm c) 295 x 693cm. This piece is…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Victor Valera, 1954
Untitled Mural (1956) by Victor Valera (1927-2013). Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Andreas Antolini and Ana Ibarra Bernal in February 2018. This piece is a part of the collection "Synthesis of the Arts" at the University…

Sin Ti­tulo Estudio Anatómico, Francisco Narváez , 1950
Sin Título (1950, estudio anatómico) by Francisco Narváez (1905-1982). Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry done by Érika Della Giacoma in February 2018. This piece is a part of the collection “Synthesis of the Arts” at the…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Alejandro Otero, 1954 (II)
Sin Titulo (1954) by Alejandro Otero (1921-1990). Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Xiomara Gonzalez and Felix Leon. This piece is a part of the collection "Synthesis of the Arts" at the University City of Caracas, a UNESCO…

Abstract Wood Sculpture
Abstract Wood Sculpture (year unknown) by Francisco Narváez. Located at the Collection FMN (Fundación Museos Nacionales), custody of GAN (Galería de Arte Nacional) in Caracas, Venezuela. Dimensions: 100 x 145 x 99 cm. Photo registry by Luis Chacín in August…

Coco Chocolatero con Escena Mitológica (with cameras)
Arc/k Photogrammetry Training Materials Coco Chocolatera at Quinta de Anauco (1797). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Luis Chacín in April 2018.

El Estrado
El Estrado. Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Manuel Ochoa, Nicolás Serrano, and Nano Baquero in April 2018.

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