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Sin Titulo, Bimural de Fernand Léger, 1954 (Array)
Bimural Sin Titulo (1954) by Fernand Léger. Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo…

El Dinamismo en 30 Grados (Array)
El Dinamismo en 30 Grados, 1953 by Antoine Pervsner (1866-1962). Located at the University City in Caracas,…

Negativo (Array)
Negativo (1956) by: Víctor Valera (1927-2013). Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela.…

Molde de Cemento para Máscara (Array)
Mold created with soft clay (white), cast plaster and cement. The casting of plaster is added on any…

Traspasando el Umbral (Array)
Traspasando el umbral (1984) by Colette Delozanne. Located in Maracay, Venezuela. Photo registry by…

Roselia Acostada Tomando Sol (Array)
This sculpture by Javier Level, is inspired by his soulmate Roselia, who is a shamanic therapist and…

Capilla El Calvario (Array)
The Chapel Santa Rosalia, for years, was the center of religious meeting of the parishioners of El Hatillo…

Monumento a Los Caídos de la Generación del 28 (Array)
Bronze monument to commemorate the Generation of 1928, a group of Venezuelan students who took to the…

Large Planter (Hollyhock House) (Array)
Large planter outside the front of the Hollyhock House. The hollyhock is used as a central theme to…

Luchador (Version 1) (Array)
Description Pending