Tarro de Tabaco (Version 2) (-)
White Pottery with metal lid and decorative flowers, vegetable, geometric and scroll work blue decorations.…

Escribanía de Estrado (Array)
Writing desk, anonymous artist (early 17th century). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House…

El Dinamismo en 30 Grados (Array)
El Dinamismo en 30 Grados, 1953 by Antoine Pervsner (1866-1962). Located at the University City in Caracas,…

Sin Titulo, Bimural de Fernand Léger, 1954 (Array)
Bimural Sin Titulo (1954) by Fernand Léger. Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo…

Baulito (II) (Array)
The box has an arched lid and circular lock with openwork; on the edges there is a graphic in waves,…

Façade and Garden - Quinta de Anauco, Museo de Arte Colonial de Caracas (Section K) (Array)
Façade of the Quinta de Anauco with tile roof and garden typical of a colonial country house. It reflects…

Placa de Sagrario (Array)
This tabernacle plate depicts the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) surrounded by beam lights, with a banner that…

Púlpito (-)
Description Pending

Monumento a Los Caídos de la Generación del 28 (Array)
Bronze monument to commemorate the Generation of 1928, a group of Venezuelan students who took to the…

Pintura de Juan Pablo Rojas Paúl (-)
Description Pending