Busto de Simón Planas Suárez
Full scale marble bust of Venezuelan lawyer, diplomat and academic Simón Planas Suárez (1879-1967) created by Italo-Venezuelan sculptor Aldo Macor.

Dancing Devils Mask
The Brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament of the Dancing Devils of Yare, The masks are pieces made of plastic, paper and newspaper among others, of various sizes and different shapes, reflect with bright and fluorescent colors the image of a demon, with deep…

Simón Bolívar Monument
Simon Bolivar monument. Located in the Palace of The Lions, seat of the Legislative Council of the Táchira State in Venezuela. Photo registry by George Castellano.

Tres Sillones Presbiteriales
Three chairs made of carved cedar wood, connected as one piece of furniture. Chairs placed in the presbyteries were a symbol of the hierarchy between clergymen.

Humberto Tejera (Version 2)
This is a monument to the poet, writer, essayist, lawyer, journalist and university professor Vincente José Humberto Tejera Hernandez-Bello (1890 - 1971), better known as Humberto Tejera. His prolific works include Los Gomez and the judiciary in Venezuela…

Monumento de Tulio Gonzalo Salas
Monument to Tulio Gonzalo Salas (1977) by the sculptor Manuel de la Fuente Muñoz, located in the El Rincón de los Poetas park in the city of Mérida, Venezuela. Photographic record made in Mérida, Venezuela by Marinela Araque Rivero and Samuel Leonardo Hurtado…

Escultura José María Vargas
José María Vargas (1987) by Francisco Narváez. Located at the University City in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry done by Martín Uztaríz in February 2018. This piece is a part of the collection “Synthesis of the Arts” at the University City of Caracas, an…

Sin Titulo, Mural de Mateo Manaure, Estadio Universitario
Mateo Manaure. Straight and curved lines in black yellow and green, with three circle-shaped figures on purple, orange and yellow on a white background.

Butaque o Ture
Spanish X-Frame chair featuring a wooden butaque with a non-folding base and embossed leather back and seat, attached to the wooden frame with metal rivets.

Niño Jesús
Niño Jesús, artist unknown (late 18th century). Located at the Colonial Art Museum at Anauco House in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo registry by Consuelo Andara in April 2018.